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What We Recycle
All Paper
Anything that rips
Clean of food residue
Aluminum Cans (UBS's)
Used Beverage Cans Only
Rinse Clean
Appliances - (White Goods)
Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Water Heaters, etc.
Fee charged, see attendant
Appliances - (with Refrigerants)
Refrigerators, Freezers, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, etc. Doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers.
Fee charged, see attendant
Cell phone, Power Tool, Car, Motorcycle, Ni-Cad Batteries.
* Alkaline batteries batteries sold after May 13, 1996 have no mercury added and may be placed in the regular trash. These may be identified by seeing a green stripe, green tree, "HG free" label, or an expiration date later than 1998. Older batteries may contain mercury, and you should take them to the collection location at the Transfer Station or save them for the municipal household hazardous waste collection.
Tree Limbs & wood shubbery 5" in diameter or less
Cell Phones
See any attendant. George Morgan, a Francestown employee turns in old cell phones to the VFW in Hudson, NH. They in turn provide a one hour phone card to a serviceman or woman. What a great way to help support our troops!
This would include wallboard, insulation, wood, siding, windows, doors, concrete, ceiling tiles, rugs, flooring, tile, linoleum, trim, shingles, asphalt paper, decking, etc. Fee charged. See attendant.
Fee charged, see attendant
Televisions, Computer Hard Drives, CRT Monitors, Printers, Faxes, Keyboards, Flourescent Light Bulbs, etc.
Fee charged, see attendant
Upholstered Couches & Chairs, Wood Furniture, Box Springs & Mattresses, etc. Fee charged. See attendant.
Fee charged, see attendant
Rinse Clean of Food Residue
Glass Acceptable
Food and beverage jar and bottles only
Rinse clean of food residue.
Glass Unnacceptable
glass materials include headlights, thermometers, incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs and automotive/windshield glass.
Copper Pipe/Wire, Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Iron, SS Products & other Raw Materials.
Plastics numbered 1 and 2 ONLY. Milk & Laundry Jugs, Beverage Bottles, Shampoo/Conditioner Bottles, etc are all accepted
Rinse clean of food residue
Steel & Tin Containers
Pet Food cans, Tuna Fish cans, Canned Vegetables & Soups, etc. Lids too!
Rinse clean of food residue
See attendant for a tax deductible receipt for your textile donations.
Textiles - Acceptable
textile materials are CLEAN Clothing, Shoes, Bed Linens, Blankets, Towels, sewing fabric, belts, etc.
Textiles - Unacceptable
Unacceptable textile materials are loose or torn articles.
Items MUST be in Plastic Bags
Automotive, Agricultural & Bicycle
Fee charged. See attendant.
Used Oil
Uncontaminated Used Motor Oil in capped jugs.
See attendant to pour into inlet of the used oil tank. No Anti-Freeze or water.
No anti-freeze or water.
Yard Waste
Leaves, grass mowings, general yard debris.
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