This is a time where each resident of our town needs not only to consider their own safety and health but those of others. In order to minimize the effects of COVID-19 within our community population it is essential that we collectively adopt and implement social distancing. 

The Town Offices are currenty operational.  We are requesting all business at this time be completed by mail, email, or phone call as the building is not open to the public except by appointment.  We are here to serve you the best we can.

The Select Board along with all the Departments and Organizations in town have been working diligently on our plan to continue to protect and serve our community.    If you have been exposed to the virus by someone who has been sick with symptoms or traveled to areas where the virus is prevalent the usual CDC guidelines of self-quarantine are in place.  Please avoid close contact, stay home if sick, and frequently clean surfaces and objects of daily use. Be cognizant when using doorknobs and railings and other commonly used surfaces.  Metal surfaces will hold the virus for several days so wash hands (20 seconds per washing) often and use disinfectant wipes and sanitizers wherever possible.

Below are a few examples of our thoughts at present.  Since this situation is escalating every day these measures will be updated often. We are in the “mitigation” phase of the virus spread.

 Schools are closed until the end of this school year, May 29th.  This means please don’t use this as a time to have get togethers with friends, overnights etc.  This action will simply potentially lead to the spread of the virus in unknown carriers.

The George Holmes Bixby Memorial Library is currently closed until June 1st and working on a phased reopening plan.

Town Office will be in lock down mode until further notice.  Due to the nature of our town administration it is more practical for the Administrative Staff and Select Board to continue to work from the Town office building in a clean and secure environment.  There is a mail slot at the front door where towns’ people can put requests that need to be urgently addressed.  Many of our services are already provided online through our website at  Staff emails and phone numbers are listed on the website.  We will continue monitoring email and phone messages throughout this crisis.  If you must see a staff member for any reason, please call the Town Office before you visit.

The Select Board will continue to meet and will inform residents of any changes as they come about. If at some future time we need to shut down the Town Office and work remotely we will be pursuing remote video/audio options to be able to report updates accordingly. 

Transfer Station will close the Swap Shop and Clothes receptacle immediately.  As of April 22nd, the recycling barn is reopened.  Please follow all posted rules.  The trash compactor will be available for disposal of household waste.  To avoid personal contact with the staff, please use discretion discarding bulky waste and wait to discard items requiring a disposal fee, such as televisions and other appliances until the situation abates.  Please keep 6 feet between yourself and all others when using the Transfer Station.  Simply leave your trash and move on as this is not a place for socializing currently.

The Fire Department does have protective gear for which we are very thankful.  They are ready to assist when needed. As you know they are our first responders. The Select Board will be working closely with all Departments in Town should an emergency arise.  Please, even in your time of stress, treat them with a heart full of thanks for their efforts.

We will be postponing all town-sponsored events in Francestown until we can collectively re-examine the situation in May.  Where this is hard to do, it is necessary for distancing. This will be monitored monthly so people can plan accordingly.

Travel should be kept to a minimum.  Please look after protecting yourself and those of others if you have traveled outside the area.

We thank you for your consideration during this extraordinary time. It is with deep concern that we need to go into a “separation mode” as this will come with a feeling of isolation.  For those who are either sick or know someone who is sick, who have parents and loved ones in a nursing home that they can no longer visit we send you our deepest sympathy. Please stay in touch with your friends, neighbors and others by phone as that will become the new way of social contact for the foreseeable future as we work through this pandemic.

Please help us distribute this information to your friends and families.