To all,
   The Francestown Police Department has, and will continue to serve the citizens of Francestown during these difficult and challenging times. The threats associated with Covid – 19, and the struggle against racial bias nationwide has created suffering and hardships for many. Please remember that the Francestown Police Department is available to everyone. As law enforcement officers, it is our sworn duty not only to serve, but to protect all to the best of our abilities. Police should administer the law in a fair, just, and impartial manner, with no distinctions made as to the color of one’s skin, gender, ethnicity or religious background. Racial bias comes in many forms, and is built on a foundation of intolerance, ignorance, and hate. It is contradictory to American ideals of freedom for all, as set forth in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is my fervent wish that by confronting these issues, effective change can be gained over time. My best wishes and blessings.
Stay safe,
Chief Mike Dowd
Francestown NH Police Department