Town Hall Rental




The Auditorium and the Banquet Room of the Town Hall are to be used for Town functions as well as educational, cultural, civic, philanthropic and social organizations, both for-profit and non-profit.  These facilities may also be used for private purposes and functions.  

To download the complete Terms and Conditions and Application, click HERE.

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To contact a Town representative about your event, complete the submission form below, or call 547-3469.

Rental Fees:

Auditorium or Banquet Room: separate

        Rental Fee for Francestown Resident/Taxpayer                $  50.00 per day

        Rental Fee for All Others                                                    $250.00 per day

Auditorium & Banquet Room: together

        Rental Fee for Francestown Resident/Taxpayer                $  75.00 per day

        Rental Fee for All Others                                                    $350.00 per day

Francestown Based Non-profit Organizations

The above fees are waived for Francestown based non-profit organizations.  Organizations requesting waiver of the room fee waiver must provide documentation of their status as part of the application process.

Organizations charging a fee to attend their function, or if such function is not open and free to the general public, will be charged at the Resident/Taxpayer rate for hall rental fees.

Custodial and Damage Deposit Fees: (See Terms & Conditions #7)

Custodial / Damage Deposit                                               $250.00 (refundable)                             

Custodian                                                                             $  30.00 per hour

Other Damages                                                                   (Actual cost of repair.)

Energy Consumption Fee: (October 1st - April 30th)         $  25.00 per day

Insurance Fees:  Each user must provide a certificate of insurance.  The Town has an arrangement to provide a single use policy.  Typical rates are approximately $77 for a single day event.  (A debit/credit card is required for purchase.)  Instructions for purchasing a Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) can be found HERE.  (Venue Code is OB54-034)

Please complete the form below to be contacted about your future event. (Submission of the  form does not guarantee reservation of the Town Hall.)