Heritage Museum

Our Purpose

As the name implies, the Francestown Heritage Museum is dedicated to our past, which made us what we are today. We can ignore our past and repeat our failures or we can embrace our past and build on it for our future. The museum provides the opportunity to see how our ancestors took on the challenges they faced and the artifacts they made, to make life easier and more productive. Some good, some not so good. The museum exhibits focus on five main areas of life in our past: agriculture, commerce, fire protection, household and transportation.
On a broader scale, the Heritage Museum is part of the over-all Town Historic Common area that includes the Francestown Improvement and Historical Society “Beehive”, the Town Hall and Horse Sheds and the Fairbanks Scale. The goal is to have this common area included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Our Mission

Simply put – “education”. To instill an appreciation of the difficulties faced by our ancestors and what they did to improve their lives and thus ours. Only by understanding where we’ve been can we continue to move forward. While we want everyone, young and old, to be amazed (and possibly amused) by the relics of the past, our primary focus is on our youth. They are the future and a firm understanding of the challenges faced by their forbears will help them face their challenges in the future.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bill McAuley Curator (603) 547-8320
Bob Abbott Curator (603) 547-6894
Jennifer Vadney Curator (603) 540-3000